On Sunday I got to try Quesadilla: La Reyna del Sur for the first time. They’re a new all-vegetarian Mexican restaurant on Western at Palmer. (Here is their FB page.)

They make their own veggie meats and there was an amazing selection, everything from veg chicharron to sheep to chorizo to chicken. It’s very faux-meat-oriented which doesn’t appeal to some people, but let me tell you, it was delicious. 

I got the Veggie Cubana torta, which was amazing. Bacon, chorizo, chicken, avocado, lettuce, and cheese. J. got pollo (chicken), pastor (ham), & garibaldi (steak, mushrooms, jalapenos, + cheese) quesadillas, which were all tasty. I loved the garibaldi especially, cause veg steak + mushrooms + melty cheese = my idea of a good time.

I also got a “Tonico para la piel” juice, which was really tasty. J. didn’t like it because it was on the hippie side, with both wheatgrass and barleygrass, so if you’re not a hippie try one of the many other juices they offer. I personally am a hippie, so I liked it a lot.

My only complaint is that the horchata isn’t vegan. Please work out a vegan horchata, folks! The time is now!

The restaurant itself is a standard taqueria with the standard decor, nothing cutesy or new-age about it. And standard taqueria prices—our bill came to about $20. Plus, they didn’t charge extra for vegan cheese, which you know warms my lil’ vegan heart. They are BYOB, and there’s a liquor store right across the street. They close at 6 on Fridays and are closed on Saturdays, which seemed strange to me until I was in the neighborhood on a Saturday night and realized that the streets are overrun with dudebros and trixies on the weekends. On weeknights they’re open until 11 pm.

I definitely recommend this place! I know I’m going to be eating there at least once a week.

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